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How to resolve 0x00000101 Error in windows 10? Here’s how to fix it.

Here's how to fix error 0x00000101 in windows 10 by following simple methods.
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Windows’ errors are a method of informing you that your operating system may be experiencing technical difficulties, either during or after an upgrade. Various error codes denote various causes and remedies. Continue reading to learn more about the 0x00000101 Error on Windows 10 by continuing to read the page below, where we have listed all probable causes and remedies.

Its occurrence is due to the following factors

The 0x00000101 errors in Windows 10 can be caused by a number of factors. It’s crucial to figure out which of these is wreaking havoc on your system so you can troubleshoot effectively:

  • When the CPU on your computer isn’t working or has become stuck,
  • If the cores and threads’ ability to work together is jeopardized,

It’s worth noting that this fatal error is almost often caused by an issue with your Windows processor.

What is the solution to the 0x00000101 Error in Windows 10?

It’s a good thing that before you call a Microsoft professional for assistance, we have a few troubleshooting methods that you may try on your own to see if you can repair it:

It might be a problem with your BIOS


  • Start by checking your Windows updates to see whether a new version is available.
  • To run, go to the dialogue box.
  • Look for any potential changes by typing in the code, msinfo32.
  • Check to determine whether the 0x00000101 error in Windows 10 still exists after updating to the newest version.

Switch to a safe mode

safe mode in windows 10

Safe mode allows you to control your device without having to use any additional interface, helping it run more smoothly.

  • Select the option to restart your device from the start-up settings.
  • While this is happening, hit F4 to activate safe mode.
  • After that, you should be able to install Windows 10 without any problems.

Checking the system files

command prompt

The SFC programme is useful for locating and removing corrupted files from your system.

  • After hitting the Windows key with S, go to the taskbar that appears.
  • Type in ‘cmd’ when signing in as an administrator.
  • When you enter this command, it will scan all of your files for corruption.

Uninstalling applications

Uninstalling any comparable programmes or third-party apps from your device is another approach to repairing the 0x00000101 Error in Windows 10.

  • Check the list of all the programmes you have installed for any that are causing your system to crash.
  • All of them should be uninstalled from the settings bar.

A DISM device

dism tool

This programme is designed to repair any corruption in your system’s Windows image files.

  • In the run dialogue box, type cmd and then click yes on the prompt.
  • Enter the cleaning command for the DISM image file and wait for it to complete.

Drivers should be updated

Another explanation for 0x00000101 is because it is a hexadecimal value. It’s possible that the cause of the error in Windows 10 is the existence of incompatible drivers that have been damaged or worn out.

  • From the Device Manager, you can check the status of all your drivers; those indicated in yellow need to be updated.
  • In the run dialogue box, type the device manager command; a right-click on it will bring up the option to update it.
  • You might try reinstalling your operating system to see whether the problem has been resolved.

Getting your system back on track

  • If your 0x00000101 Error in Windows 10 hasn’t been repaired after attempting all of the above troubleshooting steps, it’s possible you’re missing a corrupted part.
  • In that situation, you should run a full system restoration on your computer.

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