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CANON MG3600 Wifi Setup – If you recently purchased a Canon PIXMA MG3600 printing machine for home or office use and are unsure how to proceed with the canon mg3600 setup, then read this article to learn everything you need to know about it.
The first step is to unpack the box and take out and arrange all of the parts on the table. Connect the printer to a power source before connecting the Canon MG3600 to the wifi/computer.

Begin by connecting all of the wires according to the printer manual’s instructions. WPS is an automatic connection button that you can use to connect your devices. This will allow devices such as printers and computers to connect to your network without the need for a password.

Canon Pixma MG3600 Wifi setup Connection Method

If your access point has a WPS button, the ‘WPS Connection Method’ is the one to use. This method is a very simple way to connect a Canon MG3600 printer to a computer or wifi network. To establish the connection, simply follow the steps below carefully:

  • The first step in the Canon mg3600 setup is to ensure that the printer is turned on and that the WPS button on the wireless router is accessible.
  • Next, hold down the printer’s Wi-Fi button until the on light flashes.
  • Press the “Black” button after that. Then, on the left, hit the “Wi-Fi” button.
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi light flashes fast and the on light is illuminated after you’re finished. Within a few minutes, hit the WPS button on your access point.
  • When you’re finished, the blue Wi-Fi light on the printer will continue to blink while it searches. When connecting to the access point, both the Power and Wi-Fi lights will blink. The Power and Wi-Fi lights will stop flashing and remain lighted after the printer is securely connected to the wireless network.
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi light and the ON light are both illuminated once you’ve completed all of the instructions.

The network connection configuration will be complete once you’ve performed the aforementioned steps. If your device still won’t connect, use the following technique to finish the Canon mg3600 setup.

Canon pixma mg3600 Setup Standard Connection Method

If your access point does not support WPS, then use the procedures below to connect your Canon MG3600 printer to your wireless network or computer.

  • First, when you see the initial screen display, click on “Start Setup.”
  • The program will then check to see whether the driver needs to be updated. If it needs to be updated, the download will begin automatically. Allow a few moments for the operation to finish.
  • After that, choose your area and nation. When you’re finished, click “Next.”
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the licensing agreement, click “Yes” when the dialogue box appears.
  • If you want to participate in the Extended Survey Program, you will be asked. If you wish to participate, click “Agree,” if not, select “Do not agree.”
  • Then, to approve the “Install Wizard Process,” press the “Next” button.
  • Select “Wireless LAN Connection” once that is done. Then press the “Next” button.
  • Select “Connect through wireless router” after that. Then simply press the “Next” button.
  • It’s critical to ensure that your printer is switched on. Then press the “Next” button.
  • Ensure that the “Setting printer could not be found in the list” option is chosen after that.
  • After that, select “Next,” and the setup tutorial will appear on your screen. You must carefully follow the directions on the screen.
  • After that, wait a few moments for the setup to find the printer.
  • Click “Next” once the configuration is complete.
  • After that, simply click “Exit.”

You should be able to connect Canon MG3600 Printer To Wifi/Computer if you’ve done all of these procedures. With your printer, you should be able to print successfully. However, if you still have problems with Printer Setup after completing all of the instructions, you can contact Canon’s advanced printer setup experts.

These top specialists are available 24 hours a day to respond to all of your issues and questions. To get answers to your printer questions, you may phone them at any time and from anywhere in the globe.

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