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HP Envy 4520 Setup | HP Envy 4520 Printer Wireless Setup

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The HP Envy 4520 wireless printer is a multifunction device. Duplex printing is supported. It can print photos and documents from a variety of devices, including tablets and laptops. HP Envy allows for a quick and simple setup from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Printer has wireless connectivity, which makes using it with cellphones even more comfortable. To know the procedure for HP Envy 4520 setup for Printer continue reading.

The 2.2-inch (5.5 cm) display, which is a two-creep monochrome display with navigation buttons, can be utilized to print, scan, or copy fast and conveniently. It also saves paper and resources: with quick, automatic two-sided printing, you may use up to 50% less paper. Printing borderless papers, lab-standard pictures, laser-quality documents, and scrapbook pages are among the other advantages.

Connection Modes for the HP Envy 4520 Wireless Printer


It is not necessary to type the system SSID or password while utilizing this form of connection. It connects on its own.

  • Download the software for the product.
  • Make sure the product you’ve downloaded is compatible with your printer and operating system.
  • Choose a network type.
  • Yes, send my wireless settings to my printer, and start the installation process.
  • Select the ‘Auto Wireless Connect’ option, and the remainder of the process will be automated.
  • The PC will be temporarily unplugged from the internet throughout this operation.


  • Check the software’s compatibility with the device and operating system.
  • Choose a network type.
  • Select Yes, and my wifi settings will be sent to my printer’s installation.
  • Turn on the printer.
  • Find your HP printer’s control board, which is the LCD panel with buttons and icons, and this is where you’ll set your printer to work for the next few minutes of your life.
  • Before you begin, double-check that the system’s name (SSID) and password (WEP/WPA) are both available.
  • A Setup button can be found on the printer’s control board.
  • Select the Network option from the menu.
  • Select the Wireless Setup Wizard from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose a name for your wireless connection.
  • Please enter your password.
  • After that, the printer will be linked to the network.

Examine your wireless connection.

For information about the printer’s wireless connection, print the wireless test report. The printer status, hardware (MAC) address, and IP address are all included in the wireless test report. The test report gives details about the network settings if the printer is connected to a network. To print the wireless test report, follow these steps:

  • Touch “Wireless” on the printer’s control panel, then “Settings.”
  • Reports that you can touch and print.
  • Report on the Touch Wireless Test.

Without a router, connect to the printer wirelessly.

Without joining an existing wireless network, you can print wirelessly from a computer, smartphone, tablet, or other wireless-capable device using Wi-Fi Direct.

Wi-Fi Direct usage guidelines

  • Ensure that the relevant software is installed on your computer or mobile device.
  • If you’re printing from a computer, ensure sure you’ve installed the printer software that came with it.
  • If you don’t have the HP printer software loaded on your computer, connect to Wi-Fi Direct first, then install the printer software. When the printer software asks for a connection type, choose Wireless.
  • If you’re printing from a mobile device, make sure you’ve downloaded a compatible app.
  • Make sure your printer’s Wi-Fi Direct is enabled.

There are two ways to enable Wi-Fi Direct:

  • Automatic mode: Any mobile device can connect to your printer in this mode.
  • Manual mode: Before mobile devices can connect to your printer, they must be confirmed at the printer control panel. This option gives a higher level of security.
  • Before the connection may be created, more prompts or PINs are required.
  • The same Wi-Fi Direct connection can be used by up to five PCs and mobile devices.
  • While the printer is linked to a computer via USB cable or a network through a wireless connection, Wi-Fi Direct can be used.
  • A computer, mobile device, or printer cannot connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi Direct.

To enable Wi-Fi Direct, follow these steps.

  • Touch the printer’s control panel (Wi-Fi Direct).
  • Touch “Settings,” then “Wi-Fi Direct” to enable it.
  • Return to the previous page by pressing ” Back “. The Wi-Fi Direct Name and
  • Password appear in the Wi-Fi Direct Details menu.

To print from a mobile device that supports Wi-Fi Direct and is wirelessly capable
Ensure that you have the most recent version of the HP Print Service Plugin loaded on your mobile device. This plugin is available for download through the Google Play app store.

  • Make sure the printer’s Wi-Fi Direct is turned on.
  • On your mobile device, turn on Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Select a document from a print-enabled app on your mobile device, and then select the option to print the document. The list of available printers emerges.
  • Choose the Wi-Fi Direct name provided, such as DIRECT-**- HP ENVY-4520 (where ** are the unique characters to identify your printer), from the list of available printers, and then follow the on-screen instructions on the printer and your mobile device.
  • The document should be printed.

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