McAfee Error EE050002? symptoms, causes, and how to get rid of it.

Here's what are the symptoms, causes, and how to get rid of error ee050002 in McAfee.
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McAfee Endpoint Encryption is a multinational computer security software firm located in the United States that primarily provides data protection and access management for corporate and enterprise PCs. Remove Endpoint Encryption from the computer if it is no longer needed or before upgrading to a newer version. Windows also comes with a built-in uninstaller that can be used to manage the software programs that have been installed on the computer. McAfee bills itself as the world’s largest computer security technology firm. This device-to-cloud cyber-security firm uses an open, proactive, and intelligence-driven strategy to deliver security solutions that safeguard data and halt attacks from device to cloud. Is McAfee Error EE050002 bothering you? Continue reading to learn more about the error’s symptoms, causes, and solutions.

What are the McAfee Error EE050002 symptoms?

The ALDU option in the policy is used to add users who are experiencing McAfee Error EE050002 to the preboot. Even though you couldn’t log in, anyone added to the computer as a group user on EPO was allowed to do so during the preboot. All of the local domain users were added back to the preboot once the system was able to sync with ePO, and the log showed the userlib adding them successfully. It is never mentioned in the record that they were removed. Before synchronizing the computer, all users, save those included in the group users section, were deleted from the Encryption Users allocated to the system.

It was discovered that these systems were removed from ePO after reading the Audit Log under User Management. When this happened, the computer took the designated users with it. The PC will be setup with Single Sign-On when the encryption Pre-boot environment is loaded. When the computer is turned on, you will just need to enter your UAnetID and password. You won’t be asked to log in to Windows.

What is McAfee Error EE050002 and what causes it?

Restart your system to reactivate the event that allows you to add users to the machine. When you alter the location of the machines in the ePO-Tree, the policy inheritance changes as well. McAfee is a software company with hundreds of thousands of customers that creates the encryption utilized by HP Protect Tools.

What should I do about McAfee Error EE050002?

The event to add the users back to the computer was triggered by a restart of the McAfee Endpoint Encryption Agent or a restart of the machine. If the LDAP sync job is executed while the ePO server is still initializing the new releases, the MDE user data will not be corrupted.

Hotfix EPO5xHF1048264 for ePO 5.1.0, ePO 5.1.1, ePO 5.1.2, and ePO 5.3.0 also fixes this issue. The error is fixed in both ePO 5.1.2 and ePO 5.3.0, both of which are available for download. If all customers who utilize Drive Encryption implement the patch, McAfee advises. If the user has ePO 5.1.0 or ePO 5.1.1 with EPO5xHF1048264 applied and upgrades to ePO 5.1.2 or 5.3.0, the user must re-apply the hotfix because the upgrade procedure will delete it.

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