Resolve Norton Internet Security error 8504 and 104

Get Fixed Norton internet security error 8504 and 104 Easily with the help of this Article.
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How to fix Norton’s internet security errors 8504 and 104?

Symantec Corporation’s Norton antivirus software is one of the finest. This business specializes in creating software that protects your device from harmful attacks. This firm provides services to users in addition to security software. Norton internet security error 8504 and 104 are common while running the Norton antivirus, despite its useful features. As a result, this occurs if you have accidentally downloaded some damaged files while using your Norton antivirus.
If you’re having this problem, you’ve arrived at the right place. To diagnose and effectively repair the issue, read this article.

Causes of Norton Errors 8504 and 104

Norton Error 8504, 104 can occur for a variety of reasons. The following are some of the reasons:

  • This issue might occur if a file in your Norton software download is corrupted or if the installation is incomplete.
  • When you install or uninstall Norton software, the registry file might become damaged, resulting in this error.
  • If your system has been infected by a malicious file or virus that has damaged the system registry files, you may get the Norton Internet Security error 8504, 104.
  • You may also see the error if any malicious program has destroyed certain critical files from the Norton protection software.

The steps to solving Norton Security Errors 8504 and 104 are as follows:

To solve your own Norton problem, 8504 & 104, follow the steps outlined below:

Delete any other antivirus software that is installed on your computer.

You must first locate any additional antivirus software installed on your computer, then remove the software from the control panel by following the on-screen instructions.

Remove all of the computer’s junk files.

You’ll need to delete any temporary internet files that have been saved on your computer. The computer may become slow as a result of these files causing a Norton error 8504, 104.

Update Your Computer’s Device Drivers

You may encounter this error if your computer’s driver is faulty. As a result, it is recommended that you upgrade your machine’s device driver to the most recent version. If you’re having trouble, contact our technical support staff for assistance.

Check Your Computer For Malware

Scanning your system with the default security software on your computer for any dangerous files and removing them is a good idea.

Install the Windows operating system from scratch.

Finally, the only way to fix Norton problem 8504, 104 is to reinstall Windows from scratch. Don’t bother if you can’t do anything on your own. Contact our customer service staff, who will resolve the issue on time.

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