Scan any website using McAfee URL checker

Here's everything you want to know about McAfee URL Checker.
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Anti-malware software is meant to deliver a wide range of functions from a single application. They not only clean up your computer systems, but they also protect them from outside threats, block hazardous and suspicious websites, and so on. The McAfee URL checker is an example of such a function.

This is software that checks the authenticity of any links and provides the user with a comprehensive report of all the linked texts on a page.

McAfee URL checker screenshot

About McAfee

This cybersecurity firm was founded in 1987 by a man named John McAfee, who named the firm after himself. McAfee has grown into a well-known security supplier around the world after so many years in business.

Because the majority of the world’s activities are now conducted online, there is a large amount of big data in the clouds that could be hacked and cause harm to people’s lives and businesses. Anti-virus software is required not just for people, but also for organizations such as government agencies, banks, and other financial institutions.

URL checker by McAfee

A URL is essentially a one-of-a-kind address assigned to every website on the internet. You will be redirected to a resource that exists in that location if you type these addresses into your browser’s search box.

Several websites have broken or dangerous hyperlinks on their pages. Anyone visiting the site without an anti-virus program may be at risk from these links. This is where tools like McAfee URL Checker come in handy; they can tell you if the website has been hosting any broken links in the previous few days. If it does, this is a strong signal that you should avoid visiting similar sites.

This is a necessary tool for determining which websites are safe to visit and which ones are not.


When you purchase a McAfee URL checker, the following are some of the items it will examine on the website to determine its safety:

  • When the site triggers any malicious downloads on the systems, the automated scan will detect them.
  • Will also provide you with a report on the number of emails that the website sends out.
  • It will also determine the frequency with which pop-ups appear on websites from time to time.
  • You’ll also learn how the website is linked to other potentially dangerous websites.

McAfee site advisor

McAfee URL Checker’s uses

If you plan to utilize the McAfee URL checker for your company, it’s a good idea to learn more about the program’s capabilities and services:

  • It examines the website by comparing it to sites that have been banned.
  • If the site offers any dangers, they are thoroughly investigated and a report is produced.
  • A safety report is sent to the user after a full scan.

McAfee site advisor blocklist

In case your site has been wrongly graded, you can submit a dispute request to have it re-evaluated thoroughly.

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