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How to fix Update Error 0xc1900101-0x30018 in Windows 10?

Know the causes of this error, methods to resolve it using simple steps.
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Microsoft has just released its newest operating system. Many individuals have upgraded their systems or are in the process of doing so. To make your Windows 10 update go as smoothly as possible, we have decided to assist you in avoiding any problems. One of the most prevalent errors that users have noticed is the update error 0xc1900101-0x30018. You may learn all you need to know about the causes and how to solve them in this post.

In Windows 10, why does Error 0xc1900101-0x30018 occur?

Error 0xc1900101-0x30018 in Windows 10

It is advised that you determine the specific cause of the issue before beginning the troubleshooting procedure, as this will make the process much easier. The following are some of the most common causes of 0xc1900101-0x30018:

  • The existence of an anti-virus or security application that is incompatible with the latest version of the OS is a major source of this problem.
  • It might also be caused by hardware that is incompatible with the system.
  • It’s possible that one of your system’s drivers has been infected by a third party or has simply become incompatible.
  • If your system does not have adequate capacity for the update, such as 16 GBs.

In Windows 10, how can I fix Error 0xc1900101-0x30018?

You can try some of these methods on your own to repair the issue 0xc1900101-0x30018:

Disable antivirus software

disable antivirus

The first step is to disable or turn off your anti-virus software for a while to see whether it’s the source of the problem. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Start by pressing the start button.
  • Navigate to the option that lists all of your applications and programs.
  • Look for the antivirus that has to be disabled.
  • Uninstalling it is as simple as right-clicking on it.
  • After that, you should check to see if the error has been resolved.

Disk Cleaning

disk cleanup

Check your PC’s storage space; if it’s less than 16 GBs, this might be the cause of 0xc1900101-0x30018.

  • Go to the cleaning manager from the starting menu to free up some space on your hard drive.
  • Look for the application that says “disc cleanup.”
  • Select all of the discs from which you wish to delete any unwanted data.
  • Continue your cleaning spree until you’ve freed up enough space for the upgrade and then some.
  • Retry the update to check if the problem still exists.

Check your system files using the system file checker.

command prompt

This utility is capable of identifying any damaged files on a system and automatically filtering them out or repairing them.

  • Press the window key and the space key at the same time.
  • A taskbar for Windows should appear.
  • On it, type ‘cmd’ as a command.
  • All of these procedures should be completed while logged in as the administrator to avoid having to provide any additional permissions.
  • When you run the commands, the SFC will look for any corrupted files.
  • It will also fix any problems with the files, after which you should check to see if the error 0xc1900101-0x30018 is still present.

Getting rid of any troublesome drivers and applications

If you have a lot of third-party programs or drivers that aren’t working properly, they might be the source of your problems.

  • From the applications and features, navigate to the location of these programs.
  • If you right-click on them, you’ll get an uninstall option.
  • You’ll be taken to a page where you may delete them if you follow the instructions.

If none of these methods solve your problem, the last option is to completely upgrade your BIOS and hope for better things.

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